WPPI a week in review | Award Winning Images by Natalie Licini

WPPI a week in review | Award Winning Images by Natalie Licini

Every year, I count down the days until WPPI.  My count down begins before Christmas as I prepare to submit images into the 16×20 print competition.  This year I did something new.  I entered the album competition as well.  I think it took nearly a month of hard work to pull the albums together and submit them.  I had hoped one would merit and was surprised and ecstatic to hear all 3 albums won awards.  The album competition is arguably harder.  Instead of being judged on one image, you’re judged on the entire album and design.  As a boudoir and family photographer, to have my work reviewed by some of the best photographers in the country is a frightening honor.

WPPI for me, is an incredibly educational week filled with seminars, booth talks, networking but most importantly the valuable education from print competition.  Print comp is not just entering images and hoping for merits, it’s about listening to the judges review and give feedback about ALL the work submitted by everyone around the globe.   This was the 3rd year I helped out at print comp for both days, bouncing around to every single room to assist the chair and judges as needed.  I met someone truly amazing – she was a proctor helping all the rooms.  She also later helped me when I had wardrobe issues.  But that’s another story.  I absolutely loved hearing the feedback and seeing the extraordinary work submitted from around the world.  I was blown away by the talent.   Some of my photographer friends have never been to WPPI yet.  The teachers, networking and print comp education is so valuable.  Whether you’re a family photographer, wedding or boudoir photographer I hope to see more of my friends in 2016.

Top 10 most memorable moments at WPPI 2015

1. Fiamma: This dinner and conversation with my best friends the “Art Heartees” established a new intimate group of photographers as we hope to build something together this year.  Stay tuned for further details, hopefully in Venice.

2. At the end of every long, exhilarating day, we found ourselves at Rouge to recap what we learned.  I spent time with my dearest friends there and some new friends.  I had a great conversation about marketing with two West Coast friends, which concluded with an actual “celebrity” photographer propositioning my gorgeous friend.  First sending over a man in a white van.  How I would love to write more about that idiot, but I won’t.  What a loser! But it was entertaining to say the least.  Still waiting on that drink Miss M.  There will be no fetching that drink – like EVER.

3.  Joël RobuchonNot only was this 12 course meal out of this world, but the entertainment and friendships will leave me with lasting memories, which I replay over and over in my mind.  Who knew a cloth dinner napkin from a fine dining establishment could be used in so many ways.  To quote our head waiter “That was special.”

4.  It has been a while since I was woken up by someone jumping on my bed.  But this time was unforgettable, since the person was yelling “Wake up princess. Wake up princess.” It was 9:00am and in my world, 9:00am isn’t that late.  But on a serious note, I woke up dying laughing.  It was one of those unforgettable moments.  And if you knew who my roommate was, this would make this story even funnier.

5. Sat through one of the most informational post processing classes by Jeremy Chan.  With standing room only, this room was filled with master photographers and judges.   I feel like that knowledge will stay with me forever (with lots of practice of course).

6.  Had many intimate conversations with friends about their journey in life.  So many challenges in life that shaped them into the people they are today. It was truly inspirational.  I think I cried 3 times talking to Cindy… in a bar.  Yep! I cried in a bar.  But if memory serves me, it wasn’t my first time.

7. Believe it or not, I spent 3 late nights at the food court immersed in great conversation.  Those of you who know I’m a foodie may be shocked to learn this, but those of you who know I love room service (and had a sleepy roommate) know this was the best alternative.

8. I received 2nd place overall in the print competition for my children’s portrait “The Wee Ones”.  This portrait is very special to me.  The oldest son pictured below (wee’ing – is that a word?) has a very rare muscular disease.  I wrote a blog about him here:  http://newjerseyboudoirphotographers.com/pietros-fight-duchenne-muscular-dystrophy/

Dayna found out her son Pietro had a rare lethal disease just 8 months after this portrait was taken.  She started a foundation called Pietro’s Fight Pietrosfight.org when her son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD children are confined to a wheelchair by the time they are 12 years of age, and succumb to the disease in their late teens due to respiratory complications. To date, there is no acceptable treatment or cure for DMD.

family photographer

9. I won awards for all 3 albums I entered into print competition.

10. I won awards for 8 portraits, I entered into competition, 11 total awards this year (here are 7 of the 8 award winning photos).  I’ve omitted one boudoir portrait which my beautiful client wanted semi-private.


This portrait above was taken of the Caridi family on Thanksgiving Day 2014.  As a family photographer, I wanted to create something unique and memorable for my clients.  Taken at 2pm on Thanksgiving Day, it was worth slightly under then overcooking my family turkey for.  Sorry mom & dad – hehe    I can’t wait to hand deliver this portrait today.

nj maternity photographer

Alyson was my 2012 bride. I know you may think she’s a model, but this is actually a client. Although if this whole motherhood thing doesn’t work out she can fall back on modeling as a second option.  I’m so excited and honored to be Alyson and Mike’s family photographer.


The photos above and below are my monkeys… aka my children. njfamilyphotographersnyc maternity photographers

This beauty is the multi-talented powerhouse photographer and educator and new mom Vanessa Joy.nycfamilyphotographersmaternity photographers

This beauty above is Jess my friend, my lead photographer at Je Revele.  Thank you for being my right hand Jess – and congrats on your third baby girl.

Here’s to next year!  With hopefully a stop in London or Venice first.


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